Rent Retail Space

At the Crowded Lounge
129 Gilbert St
Latrobe, TAS, 7307


Do you want to start your own business or even try a pop-up shop

At The Crowded Lounge we are keen to grow our business, but also to assist others around us to see that their businesses grow as well. 

Having operated now for over 5 years, our clientele is well established and our business is in full swing. 

Since we have a large building, we are looking for ways to make use of our extra space and help others at the same time. To facilitate this we are offering the opportunity for small retailers to come under our roof and share the atmosphere and ambiance of The Crowded lounge and June Wilson’s Studio Gallery.

What will you get?

A space for your day to day trading within our main building

  • Access to our toilets and lounge for yourself and your clients
  • Advertising space in the front windows
  • Assistance with monitoring your space by arrangement
  • The advantage of our present flow of foot traffic from both the Studio and Coffee Lounge
  • Advantage of cross promotion and advertising 
  • Insurance of the building and public liability (equipment insurance at your our cost)
  • Wall Space for displays
  • The advantage of collaboration and mentoring 

                    * Power, lighting and heating by arrangement

What will it cost?

  • Based on 8 Sq meters of space @$10 = $80 per week +GST (dependent on space needed)
  • Maintaining and Cleaning of your own area

Email or Phone (0417367128) for more details

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