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Stan Sperlak

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Workshop Costs: $450 for 3 days

Pastel Workshop Description

Stan will conduct a mixed indoor/outdoor landscape workshop in pastel that will cover his various methods of painting that focus on creating believable works through mature use of light and form and color. His teaching technique is very direct and easy to grasp, allowing for many hours of student teacher interaction. Demos, slideshows and props are all to be expected in his fast paced workshops. You will leave the workshop with a new sense of yourself as an artist.

On Becoming An Artist

"The sound of a heartbeat, muffled voices, a rush of air and then light. In my tiny mind I am like the painter’s canvas this day, waiting for color, waiting for stimuli, absorbing and developing all my eyes can see. If I am the lucky child I so feel, then my early years of journeys and the music that always played, must have been well presented. Thank you, Mom and Dad. I will return the favor.

I have always been an explorer, open to the sounds and smells and sights of everyplace I could entertain. My backyard was a simple suburban plot or an apartment’s front- square, but to me I still found epic qualities in a walk around the block. We moved from Denver to Cape May, to Hawaii to New York City back to Cape May then on to Duluth Minnesota and yes, finally back to Cape May by age 14.

My father would keep me from school often enough that the school asked why? He told them a day with him was worth two weeks in school. He was right. He was the near youngest in a brood of 14 kids. A lifetime military man (USN-USCG) he became a Chief Engineer. He was most happy showing people the way. An unknown road, an overlook, a museum, a old general store, tools, old cars but most importantly: books. We had many books, an atlas of the world, space, adventure stories, a real set of encyclopedias. National Geographic, Smithsonian and LIFE magazines came regularly. While we drove across country and made many stops, my father’s best advice to me was always as simple as “Go do something and tell me about it, in fact, here is my Nikon camera, take some pictures.”

My mother, a middle child in a gang of 11 children, was an artist. Never sold a work. Gave everything away. From knitted items to ceramics and decorations she was always making stuff…..with very loud music playing in our house. My dad had bought this very large cabinet style LP player that was the envy of all the friends. Classics, Vocalists, Country, Gospel with a little Rock n Roll tossed in. But always playing.  Never a radio, just albums.

They are both gone now, but I know why I am the artist I am today. If nothing else, they gave me time. And solid encouragement. With money getting scarce in the 1970’s, I figured I’d wait on college. Played music, wrote poetry, played in bands had bad jobs did bad things, but mostly I found myself happy. And happiest when I could just disappear into the woods or marshes for a day. Making Andrew Goldsworthy-like dams on small creeks, leaving stick pyramids and rock piles for others to come upon. Always taking a different trail.

I planted some trees one day for my father. He always liked birches. It was a great feeling, fast forward 35 years and todayI am retiring from my own company that currently has 25 employees and many trucks and tractors that landscaped nearly every significant property in our county over the years. The creative satisfactions from moving earth, building walls and planting forests of my own led me to painting. How? Well, I decided I needed to have a better way of presenting my ideas to the public. Competition was building and computers were being used for renderings, I resisted that and enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to learn how to draw. It worked. I also learned how to paint.  (He winks with a smile!)

Check here to see Stan's work. 


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