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Take Control of Your Camera

Photography Course

A Course in Photography, with Tony Smith

Cost: $150 for 5 week course

Course Outline

Week 1      Camera Controls
Week 2     Aperture, Speed, Depth of Field
Week 3     Composition, Lenses
Week 4     Digital, Photoshop, Editing
Week 5     Photoshop


Meet the Trainer 

Hi my name is Anthony Smith.
Since my youth I have had a passion for photography. My interest in photography started with lengthy travel experiences which were life changing. For the greater part of my “photographic career”,I have used a 35mm film camera that was totally manually operated. I believe this led me to a greater understanding of the “physics” of photography. This in turn has allowed me to expand & teach this craft into the digital world.
My photographic journey eventually led me to completing an Advanced Diploma in Photography.
I have had many local exhibitions, and have been fortunate enough to have some of my work displayed at Unesco in Paris and New Delhi.
My hope is that from your participation in this short course, you will gain an enhanced appreciation, and enjoyment of this art form.

Anthony Smith 

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