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Fun with Felt

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Fabulous Felted Featherweight Scarf

Workshop by June Hope

June Hope is a Tasmanian textile artist who specialises in traditional felting with a contemporary twist. Her works include wearable and visual arts.

This fun day will give you a sound foundation in nuno felt-making techniques enabling you to continue to work independently, letting your imagination run wild.

In this workshop you’ll create a delightful lightweight ‘nuno’ felted scarf. Using silk or other natural open-weaved fabric, you’ll combine fabric with fleece to produce the lightest felt you can imagine.

No experience necessary. You’ll leave with your own fully completed personal masterpiece.

There is a requirement list for this workshop which will be supplied upon enrolment.

Fabric and felting supplies will be able to be purchased at the workshop.

Nuno Felt workshop requirements:

What to bring for felting workshop: 
2 plastic shopping bags
Bucket/icecream container
2 sponges
2 old towels
Rubber gloves
Water spray bottle (pump action is best if you’ve got one)
Bubblewrap - if narrow, then bring duct tape to join - need approx. 2.5 x 1 metre
1 old net curtains (op shop) about 2.5x1 metre
Ag pipe/pool noodle to use as roller
Bits of natural fabric/lace/yarn for embellishments
leece suitable for felting - (if you're unsure, bring it anyway - and/or if you don't have any you can purchase some merino from me). 
2 metres of open weave NATURAL fabric eg. Muslin, cheesecloth, silk chiffon (ONLY SILK)… worries if you haven’t got it, I will be selling black or white silk chiffon on the day – by scarf lengths or meterage
Tape measure
en/paper for note taking
oney for extra supplies -
Approximate cost
     Silk meterage $15 per metre (black and white only)|
$13 scarf length – 2metre x 37cm (approx)
$11 for 100gr fleece (NOTE: single colour), $6.50 per 50gr bags,
Plus a few dollars for additional embellishment, depends what you buy. 

It’s a good idea to consider whether you might want additional fleece, silk or trims for further work at home or to vary your single colour.  A bigger budget might be handy.

 Don’t forget your lunch - Sandwiches and Soup will be available at the Crowded Lounge Coffee which is part of the Studio.

 If you need to contact me please just call – Phone: 6425 2426   Mobile: 0409 416 196   Email:

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