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Studio Day Classes - Wednesday

Daytime Classes

Making Learning Art Fun

June is an experienced artist and teacher of pastels and has been involved in teaching at Adult Education and in private classes and workshops for many years. She has exhibited her work both locally and on the mainland. She has State awards for her pastel art and is a popular participant in Northern Tasmanian art circles.


Fees are structured in two ways.

For those able to attend regular classes, the cost is slightly lower over the five weeks, however once payment is made the fees are non refundable and non transferable (except to the alternative Wednesday or Thursday classes within that round) 

For those wanting more flexibility, payment can be made weekly (when places are available)with the cost being slightly higher.     

Wednesdays: 4.5 hrs - $245.45 +GST ($270), for 5 weeks, tuition, full amount paid on the first day ($12 per hour)

One off class, paid weekly $67.50


If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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9:00am 9:00am

Rathmore Art Retreat (NEW)

June has been asked to run workshops at the new Rathmore Art Retreat being established in the Central Highland of Tasmania. 

Rathmore Art Retreat, 
Rathmore House, 
2158 Hollow Tree Rd, Hollow Tree, 7140
Near Bothwell. Southern Tasmania.

October 25th, 10-4 pm and possibly
November 7? Or 8th? Date to be confirmed so please Cally, info below. 

Contact Cally Lyons. 
03 62863294

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to Nov 18

Six Day Workshop in Oils and Pastel with Lyn Diefenbach

This November you have an opportunity to attended another inspiring 6 day workshop by world renowned Oils and Pastel Artist Lyn Diefenbach. Lyn has received accolades nationally and international for her masterly qualities and technical abilities. She is a respected and sought after tutor for her encouragement and inspiration. This November Lyn will be focusing on portraits and florals and you can choose either or both pastels and oils to work in.

Cost: $850 for the 6 day workshop

Check out Lyn's work here.


Due to  the popularity of our workshops, we now request a non-refundable deposit of 20%, to secure your attendance. The full cost of the 6 day workshop is $850. Please email or contact us before making any direct deposit payments to confirm a position is available for you.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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Saturday Pastel Classes with June Wilson

June has moved her Thursday evening classes to a once a month Saturday class. The lesson structure will remain as it was, with a time of teaching, demonstration and discussion, followed by an open time where students developing their own works. Each class in a lesson in itself and will be held in The Crowded Lounge where the atmosphere is inspiring, the coffee great and the welcome warm. 

Cost: $75

Dates planned at this stage: July 29th, August 25th

Bookings are required.


If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Brian's Basic Baristaing22


This demonstration and hands-on course is designed to show you the basics of espresso coffee making and the secrets of good milk based coffee. The two-evening course will be held in The Crowded Lounge, covering all aspects of making great coffee.  

Date: June 8th and 22nd 2017 (Thursdays)
Duration: 2 X 2 hours
Time: 5-7pm
Cost: $40

Want to Know More?

If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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to Jul 4

Take Control of Your Camera

Photography Course

A Course in Photography, with Tony Smith

Cost: $150 for 5 week course

Course Outline

Week 1      Camera Controls
Week 2     Aperture, Speed, Depth of Field
Week 3     Composition, Lenses
Week 4     Digital, Photoshop, Editing
Week 5     Photoshop


Meet the Trainer 

Hi my name is Anthony Smith.
Since my youth I have had a passion for photography. My interest in photography started with lengthy travel experiences which were life changing. For the greater part of my “photographic career”,I have used a 35mm film camera that was totally manually operated. I believe this led me to a greater understanding of the “physics” of photography. This in turn has allowed me to expand & teach this craft into the digital world.
My photographic journey eventually led me to completing an Advanced Diploma in Photography.
I have had many local exhibitions, and have been fortunate enough to have some of my work displayed at Unesco in Paris and New Delhi.
My hope is that from your participation in this short course, you will gain an enhanced appreciation, and enjoyment of this art form.

Anthony Smith 

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Monthly "Explore and Draw” Botany Art with Brenda Haas

This class consists of a monthly 2 hour session, entitled: 'Explore & Draw' for students who have already done Brenda's introductory sessions, or who have developed skills in the discipline. Each lesson would be a new plant family or the class could do a subject of their choice. 

That way the whole class would learn more about a wider variety of plants, building on their skills base and knowledge as the months pass. 

The idea would be that student would prepare the sketch for further exploration of colour mediums eg, water colour classes.

Dates: Classes are planned at this stage for April 21st

Cost: $50 per class


If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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to Mar 23

Workshop with Robyn Kittelty-Redman

This talented lady is coming to Tasmania with her unique way of applying oil paints. Painting in the Heidelberg School style. 
A flying visit to our state and she chooses to share her time with
Book in early for this fun filled workshop so that you don't miss out. 

One day flowers and one landscapes. 

Cost: $240 for two day workshop

Robyn Kittelty-Redman

Robyn Kittelty-Redman

Robyn is a respected teacher and judge of art shows. She paints full time and teaches eighty five students a week as well as workshops and master classes in Geelong and across Victoria. Along with her husband Robyn opened Australia's first residential art school, Horizons in 1985. Robyn has taught many students to award level and believes that anyone can paint if they truly want to and are taught well.

Check out Robyn's work here.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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to Mar 5

Introduction to Watercolour Two Day Workshop

A  Day Workshop in Watercolour

March 4-5 10am-3pm - Mark your calendar!

Join Sandy for a time of discovering the magic of watercolour. This two day workshop will cover all the basic techniques to get you started.

Sandy is a well known Tasmanian artist with a broad level of expertise. see here for details:

Costs: 2 Day Workshop $180 (plus $35 materials if needed)


If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing. 

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to Jan 28

Two Day Pastel Workshop


Experience the joy of learning together with other pastelists, experimenting with different types of pastels and papers.

Day one we will be experimenting with papers, surfaces and pastel types and brands. Learning about techniques and the uniqueness of Pastels. 

This first class is for beginners, for those wanting to have a better understanding of their medium or who want to enjoy playing with different pastels and papers for a day! 

Day two we will be using under-paintings and building up a painting using the various strokes and techniques that you have learned on day one! 

These two days are for all levels of experience and is about developing a painting while training the eye to see different colours and temperatures. An exciting and fun class! 

Tutor will provide the reference photo and a requirements list will be sent when you pay the deposit to secure your booking in workshop.

Cost: $140 (plus $30 for material)


If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing. 

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to Dec 22

Studio Evening Classes -Thursday

June loves pastels and always endeavours to make it fun for others to learn. She has the ability to inspire confidence in her students and to bring out their best. June believes that a sound knowledge of painting practices and a good understanding of your medium, allows for greater artistic expression.

Class Costs:

Fees are structured in two ways:

For those able to attend regular classes, the cost is slightly lower over the five weeks, however once payment is made the fees are non refundable and non transferable (except to the alternative Wednesday or Thursday classes within that round) 

For those wanting more flexibility, payment can be made weekly (when places are available)with the cost being slightly higher.     

Thursdays: 3.5 hrs - $190.91 +GST ($210), for 5 weeks tuition, full amount on paid the first day ($12 per hour)

One off class, paid weekly $52.50

For Expression of interest email us using the form below.

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to Sep 18

Workshop with Pamela Pretty

Pamela Pretty Pastel and Ink Underpainting Workshop

Three Day Workshop

Please Note: this workshop has been postponed until Sept 16-18 due to a death in the family. Please contact us for more details. 

First time teaching in Tasmania. Pamela is an amazingly versatile artist and teacher with a strong following. 

We are privileged to have her come to the studio in Latrobe for a 3 day workshop, demonstrating and teaching her unique style of pastel plication. 

We are taking bookings now.

Prices $360 for 3 day workshop. 

Phone0417367128 for details. 


Check out Pamela's work here.


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to Mar 24

Stan Sperlak

Stay tuned for details of the workshop!

Stan Sperlak PSA.jpg

Workshop Costs: $450 for 3 days

Pastel Workshop Description

Stan will conduct a mixed indoor/outdoor landscape workshop in pastel that will cover his various methods of painting that focus on creating believable works through mature use of light and form and color. His teaching technique is very direct and easy to grasp, allowing for many hours of student teacher interaction. Demos, slideshows and props are all to be expected in his fast paced workshops. You will leave the workshop with a new sense of yourself as an artist.

On Becoming An Artist

"The sound of a heartbeat, muffled voices, a rush of air and then light. In my tiny mind I am like the painter’s canvas this day, waiting for color, waiting for stimuli, absorbing and developing all my eyes can see. If I am the lucky child I so feel, then my early years of journeys and the music that always played, must have been well presented. Thank you, Mom and Dad. I will return the favor.

I have always been an explorer, open to the sounds and smells and sights of everyplace I could entertain. My backyard was a simple suburban plot or an apartment’s front- square, but to me I still found epic qualities in a walk around the block. We moved from Denver to Cape May, to Hawaii to New York City back to Cape May then on to Duluth Minnesota and yes, finally back to Cape May by age 14.

My father would keep me from school often enough that the school asked why? He told them a day with him was worth two weeks in school. He was right. He was the near youngest in a brood of 14 kids. A lifetime military man (USN-USCG) he became a Chief Engineer. He was most happy showing people the way. An unknown road, an overlook, a museum, a old general store, tools, old cars but most importantly: books. We had many books, an atlas of the world, space, adventure stories, a real set of encyclopedias. National Geographic, Smithsonian and LIFE magazines came regularly. While we drove across country and made many stops, my father’s best advice to me was always as simple as “Go do something and tell me about it, in fact, here is my Nikon camera, take some pictures.”

My mother, a middle child in a gang of 11 children, was an artist. Never sold a work. Gave everything away. From knitted items to ceramics and decorations she was always making stuff…..with very loud music playing in our house. My dad had bought this very large cabinet style LP player that was the envy of all the friends. Classics, Vocalists, Country, Gospel with a little Rock n Roll tossed in. But always playing.  Never a radio, just albums.

They are both gone now, but I know why I am the artist I am today. If nothing else, they gave me time. And solid encouragement. With money getting scarce in the 1970’s, I figured I’d wait on college. Played music, wrote poetry, played in bands had bad jobs did bad things, but mostly I found myself happy. And happiest when I could just disappear into the woods or marshes for a day. Making Andrew Goldsworthy-like dams on small creeks, leaving stick pyramids and rock piles for others to come upon. Always taking a different trail.

I planted some trees one day for my father. He always liked birches. It was a great feeling, fast forward 35 years and todayI am retiring from my own company that currently has 25 employees and many trucks and tractors that landscaped nearly every significant property in our county over the years. The creative satisfactions from moving earth, building walls and planting forests of my own led me to painting. How? Well, I decided I needed to have a better way of presenting my ideas to the public. Competition was building and computers were being used for renderings, I resisted that and enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to learn how to draw. It worked. I also learned how to paint.  (He winks with a smile!)

Check here to see Stan's work. 


If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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to Feb 19

Still Life Pastel Workshop with Judy Drew

Workshop Cost: 3 Days $540

Times: 10am -4pm

We are honoured to announce the return visit of Award winning pastel artist, of international renown JUDY DREW to JUNE WILSON STUDIO GALLERY
Judy Drew is one of Australia's most talented and exciting female artists, having a loyal and devoted following with a history of opening night sell out exhibitions. "Fine Art Melbourne"
Her sensitive and tender figure paintings are captivatingly beautiful, full of emotion and skilfully executed.
She has won numerous awards, including the Omega Contemporary Art Prize Len Fox Painting Award 2013. 


If you have any questions or would like to enrol in this workshop please fill in the form below and submit it for processing.

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to Aug 7

Workshop with Regina Hona

Evoking Emotions Through the Art of Water

Regina will enthusiastically share her creative knowledge using demonstrations, critiques and individual guidance, as you paint water!
Sea, river, boats, jetties, waves, reflections etc!
Learn from this outstanding Internationally recognized tutor.

"As an artist I could paint anything, but it's water that can keep me mesmerized as I observe the wonderful reflections, play of light, time of day, and other emotions felt by its touch and power.  I enjoy boats silently moored or at rest, or with sails open ready to catch the wind; listening to waves crashing or water lapping at my bare feet as I stand on the sand; hearing the rain gently falling down to the ground or thundering on a tin roof and seeing reflections in rivers or puddles.  By adding the activity of people, animals or birds in my paintings, I feel this gives further energy and life to the paintings." From Regina Hona's webpage

Check out Regina's work here.

Workshop Details:
Date: August 5,6,7 2015
Cost: $360 (3 days)
Place: The Crowded Lounge, 129 Gilbert Street Latrobe

Require by emailing or phone 0417367128

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to Aug 2

Paper Lantern Making Workshop

Two Day Workshop

with Annie Brennan

Make a lantern that will impress your friends, that you can use in the Latrobe Winterfest Lantern Parade and learn valuable skills along the way.

Create an imaginative, sculptural lantern. We will be using bamboo cane and/or galvanised wire to make the lantern frames. We then cover them with greaseproof papers and coloured tissue papers. 

  • These candle-lit lanterns look stunning in twilight Lantern Parades at Festivals and Special Events. 
  • They can also enhance your garden or deck of night-time BBQs of parties. 

Date: Saturday and Sunday, August 1-2
Time: 10am-2pm
Cost: $70 for two days (plus $10 material)

About Annie:

Annie Brennan is an experienced Workshop and Community Artist and has been running Lantern Making Workshops for over 10 years. She has worked as Artist in Residence at the Latrobe Primary School in 2014, as part of the Kids in Creative Communities Art Project, Teaching children how to create their own lanterns or 2 dimensional shapes. 
She has also run many other Parent/child and Adult workshops for school and communities, including King Island in 2011, celebrating 150 years of the Cape Wickham Lighthouse; Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival in 2012 and 2014 and the Latrobe Chocolate Winterfest Lantern Parades.

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Around the World with (only) 80 Pastels

During the month of June, I will be traveling overseas, taking in the International Pastel Association Societies’ in USA, Lyn Diefenbach’s France Paint-away, exploring the galleries of Paris and gathering inspiration in Denmark.
I would love to share my experiences and learning with you on my return. Please join me for a wine and cheese evening on Friday July 10th at the Lounge, where I will also launch our Workshops and Classes for the second half of the year.

June Wilson

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Fun with Felt

wScarf - red, purple.jpg

Fabulous Felted Featherweight Scarf

Workshop by June Hope

June Hope is a Tasmanian textile artist who specialises in traditional felting with a contemporary twist. Her works include wearable and visual arts.

This fun day will give you a sound foundation in nuno felt-making techniques enabling you to continue to work independently, letting your imagination run wild.

In this workshop you’ll create a delightful lightweight ‘nuno’ felted scarf. Using silk or other natural open-weaved fabric, you’ll combine fabric with fleece to produce the lightest felt you can imagine.

No experience necessary. You’ll leave with your own fully completed personal masterpiece.

There is a requirement list for this workshop which will be supplied upon enrolment.

Fabric and felting supplies will be able to be purchased at the workshop.

Nuno Felt workshop requirements:

What to bring for felting workshop: 
2 plastic shopping bags
Bucket/icecream container
2 sponges
2 old towels
Rubber gloves
Water spray bottle (pump action is best if you’ve got one)
Bubblewrap - if narrow, then bring duct tape to join - need approx. 2.5 x 1 metre
1 old net curtains (op shop) about 2.5x1 metre
Ag pipe/pool noodle to use as roller
Bits of natural fabric/lace/yarn for embellishments
leece suitable for felting - (if you're unsure, bring it anyway - and/or if you don't have any you can purchase some merino from me). 
2 metres of open weave NATURAL fabric eg. Muslin, cheesecloth, silk chiffon (ONLY SILK)… worries if you haven’t got it, I will be selling black or white silk chiffon on the day – by scarf lengths or meterage
Tape measure
en/paper for note taking
oney for extra supplies -
Approximate cost
     Silk meterage $15 per metre (black and white only)|
$13 scarf length – 2metre x 37cm (approx)
$11 for 100gr fleece (NOTE: single colour), $6.50 per 50gr bags,
Plus a few dollars for additional embellishment, depends what you buy. 

It’s a good idea to consider whether you might want additional fleece, silk or trims for further work at home or to vary your single colour.  A bigger budget might be handy.

 Don’t forget your lunch - Sandwiches and Soup will be available at the Crowded Lounge Coffee which is part of the Studio.

 If you need to contact me please just call – Phone: 6425 2426   Mobile: 0409 416 196   Email:

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to Mar 27

June Students' Exhibition

June will be hosting an exhibition of her "students of 2014" works throughout March here in the Studio/Gallery at The Crowded Lounge. There will be a short opening celebration on Feb 27th between 6pm and 8pm with wine and cheese (plus great coffee also available of course). Please feel free to come and join us!

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to Feb 15

Special Workshop with Lyn Diefenbach


Placing people in paintings with Lyn Diefenbach. 

Lyn will demonstrate this in class, however paint portraits, flowers, figures and choose!  
Lyn Diefenbach, a noted International pastel and oil artist-instructor will be visiting the Studio for a 3 day intensive workshop. 
Lyn’s logical and easy to follow method of instruction will give you “wings of flight” or if you are an experienced artist, she will assist you to the next level. 

All the technical aspects of painting will be covered to enable you to infuse your work with dimensionality, luminosity and life. 
Enjoy clear, informative demonstrations and individual attention at your easel.

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to Dec 19

iPad Training by Appointment

Brian now runs iPad lessons by appointment.

Date: By Appointment
Time: by Appointment
Cost: $30 per hour
Subjects covered include: Trouble Shooting and Setting up Your iPad the way you want it, apps, WiFi, Data, mail, etc.

Bring your questions!
Phone 0417267118 or email: to book a place.

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to Jan 25

PASTELS Workshop

Introduction to Pastel Painting

Have you wondered about Pastel Painting but didn't know where to start?
Who to ask? 
How does it work?
Dry paint?
Join June Wilson, enthusiastic resident instructor and learn about pastel painting in a relaxed, informative and fun environment. Pastel is an ancient medium, used by the Master painters of old but still used as a wonderfully painting material today. 

Learn about: Your paper surface, Types of pastels, Brands, Drawing and Painting Techniques.
Paint a small painting using these new skills! 

Join us on Saturday and Sunday

$190 plus $25 for studio materials used. 
A light morning tea is provided.

The crowded Lounge is within the Studio Gallery space and serves coffee, tea and yummy goodies for purchase.

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to Jan 11

Three Day Drawing Workshop

Drawing is Fun! 

Three days of fun with charcoal and pens. 

A hands on, introduction through to advanced class for those interested in drawing. The basics to more advance instruction for those who are ready to push the boundaries of their current level of skills. 

Charcoal, pencil, conte. 
Gesture drawing, 
Measured drawing, 
Some figure and still life
Understanding tone, movement, depth, oh ..lots of fun things! 

Join June Wilson and enjoy the learning environment with other artists, developing a great skill needed for all kinds of painting. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Jan 9-11 10-3pm
Cost: $285

You will be sent  a requirement list upon registration. Most things can be purchased in the Studio Gallery. 

A light morning tea is provided but there is within the studio a coffee lounge where you can purchase goodies to your hearts content!

Drawing workshop requirement list.  
1 stick each of: 
Compressed charcoal
Thin willow charcoal
10 Large sheets cartridge paper approx 600x900
(I have the above available for purchase from the studio, on the day.)

4 large bull dog clips, available for news agents. 
Felt tipped pens, dk blue or black, preferably with felt at both ends, eg Tombow,  available at scrapbooking and card making shops and some news agents. 
Black Felt tipped pen with chisel end.
Pencil, 2b, 4b and 1pacer hb
1 large Masonite board for drawing board, 600x900 available from the studio. $10
1 A4 size visual diary, available at Virtue Spirit art supplies, Gilbert st. Latrobe, next to Morse butchers. 

A light Morning tea will be provided, however coffee and specialty teas are available to purchase in the Crowded Lounge coffee shop on site. 
Lunches are available at a number of local takeaways and you are free to purchkase your lunch and come back to the Crowded Lounge to eat it, with one our beautiful coffee, chocolates or tea..and brownies etc! 

I look forward to our learning together and enjoying the delights of drawing! 
It's a rich and encouraging time for all artists, whatever your skill level, so come with an excited and expectant mind! And a sense of humour as we are all likely  to create some horrors, the teacher included, as well as some masterpieces! 

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