artisan craft coffee

A multi-award winning artisan craft coffee roaster utilizing high end precision equipment to marry science and art in the pursuit of amazing coffee.


CADENZA - House Blend

A bold, smooth coffee winning fans everyday.

"CADENZA is a multi-award winning blend that has been designed to give the wholesaler/retailer the highest  possible chance of success. Our most successful blend, this is our giant slayer!
We have developed  this coffee blend specially over the years  to then be given the most careful and exacting treatment by our master roasting technician, Carlos.

Cadenza is a nutty, dark cocoa blend that sings like a bird in milk!

We roast it to a perfect finish which means it is never burnt, or too dark.
Truly, it is an adult coffee of distinction
Flavour Profile: Soft stewed fruit, Dark cocoa, full bodied, buttery mouthfeel, spiced, toffee caramel mid palette." Roastcraft

from the coffee bar

From the Counter

MODO MIO Naked is the home of chocolate heaven in the guise of a brownie, using the finest ingredients results in a bite by bite indulgent experience.

Modo Mio Naked Brownies are made to order, from scratch, using the best local ingredients available. The organic spelt flour used is grown and stone ground locally on the North West Coast of Tasmania, we use local free range eggs, the butter is also made locally in Spreyton, Tasmania, and all our couverture chocolate is directly from The House of Anvers. Customer feedback has been astounding and the result is a magnificent, decadent chocolate experience which resulted in 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal from the Hobart Fine Food Awards! And we didn’t stop there, we entered 6 flavours into the Sydney Fine Food Awards 2014 and came away with Champion, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.